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”Lucky day”

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We’re Onyx & the red lips


A retro ensemble featuring three singers, interlacing swing and pop and drawing inspiration from folk music, soul and the Blues.

Originating as a solo project, its work has grown around vocal harmonies which give the music its character and which subsequently gave rise to ‘Onyx & The Red Lips’ as an ensemble. This singular motif evokes trios from the 40s and 50s like the "Andrews Sisters" and the "Chordettes".

The band provides a refreshingly modern and uniquely personal take on the fifties world taken straight from monochrome American films. Enraptured by the groovy tones of a double bass and the jazzy beats of a drum; the music gradually intoxicates its audience with upbeat and captivating melodies, a contagious swing vibe and an emphatically retro and glamorous tone which gives rise to an eclectic composition that pushes euphonic boundaries.


Lead Vocals Floriane Andersen (Onyx)
Soprano Vocals Aurélie Vigent (Cherry)
Alto Vocals Jennifer Perkins (Candy)
Guitar Alban Losseroy (Bobby)
Double Bass/Bass Antonin Rubatat (Tony)
Keyboard Romain Chenard (Robby)
Drums Franck Mary (Franky)





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